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Cultivating agriculture that works for the future

Agricultural Services

We provide tailor-made agricultural solutions that are customized to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Representation for Africa

Regional Representation

We are the regional reps for the following agricultural machinery and irrigation companies.

  • Wuhlf Equipment (Pty) Ltd
  • Reinke Irrigation system
  • Netafim Irrigation
  • Riela
Green Farming

Investment, Consulting
& Planning

We offer commercial farmers comprehensive technical support and business mentorship to ensure the viability of their agricultural enterprises.

  • Financing and funding services
  • Ndlovu agriculture – quality inputs
  • Land use planning
  • Regional consultancy services for investors in Sub-Saharan Africa
What We Do

We assist farmers in transitioning from informal to commercial farming, recognizing the importance of working smart in the agricultural industry.

At Vida Verde

We stay updated with the latest agricultural technologies, ensuring that our clients have access to the most cutting-edge tools and techniques.

what we do

We provide tailor-made agricultural solutions

By offering this holistic approach, Vida Verde aims to deliver maximum value to our clients. We believe in supporting farmers in every aspect of their agricultural journey, from planning and implementation to marketing and human resources.

Horticulture Projects
Risk Management Clients
Strategic Partners
Irrigation Systems Installed
Sharing Experience

Learn More About Growing Process

Plants have specific moisture requirements, and sometimes rainfall fails to meet these critical moisture needs, significantly impacting crop yields. Irrigation serves as a crucial solution, allowing farmers to bridge the gap and ensure a robust yield. Additionally, irrigation provides flexibility in planting, empowering the farmer with control over harvest dates and the ability to market products when the market conditions are favorable.

Soil analysis incurs a minimal cost compared to fertilizers. Applying costly inputs without accurate knowledge of the soil’s nutrient status proves more expensive than conducting a thorough soil analysis before planting. Moreover, analysis empowers the farmer with precise information about the soil’s potential, facilitating better planning for the harvest and determining profitable investment levels.

Numerous machinery hire options are now available. As a farmer, you only pay for usage rather than a parked machine, making this approach highly cost-effective.

Our ultimate goal

To contribute to the success and sustainability of our clients' agricultural ventures, helping them thrive in a competitive industry

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