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Vida Verde

Ugandan based

  • Vida Verde was established in 2016 By a team of agribusiness specialists who share a passion for helping Africa achieve its food security goals.
  • Our primary objective is to optimize the agriculture sector in a sustainable manner, while leveraging technology to improve efficiency on a large scale.
  • The founders and associate consultants of Vida Verde possess extensive experience in commercial agriculture operations, agronomy, livestock management, irrigation engineering, and agricultural technology.
Our Vision

To be the ultimate leader in agricultural business solutions in East, West, and Southern Africa championing food security on the continent.


Our Mission

  • Provide expertise and skills to clients through a broad spectrum of customized products and services.
  • synergies and networks across the agriculture production range while focusing on optimized efficiency.
  • Sustainability and profitability of agribusinesses in Africa that contribute to food security solutions across the value chains.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sustainable Continuous Improvement
  • Effective use of time and accountability
  • Guided by Christian Principles (Ezekiel 37 v 10)

Strategic Partners

  • The Agriculture Insurance Sector,
  • The Grain Council of Uganda,
  • The Avocado Association of Uganda
  • The Cashew Nut Association of Uganda,
  • Other individual commercial agriculture entities
What We Do

Committed to delivering tailored solutions

Through our expertise, knowledge, and network of industry partners, we strive to empower farmers, agribusinesses, and other stakeholders in achieving their goals and creating a sustainable and resilient agricultural sector in Africa.


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It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) since the inception of our farming business. VVL assisted us with the land use plans, including detailed drone surveys, soil sampling, analysis, and key skills human resources placement support. VVL remained a key partner with us for inputs and value chain linkages in the field of Agribusiness.

Dr. Sanjay Tripathi

Soul Agri Business Company Limited

It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) team in the design of our farming activities in Uganda. They did our land use plan from inception, hiring of staff and assistance in the cropping programs, pest and disease management and production to marketing of cotton, maize and soya beans. We started from zero to 5,000 acres with VVL and were weaned when our systems and operations were stable.

Farai – Ops Manager

Rigil Agrotech

Throughout our journey, VVL demonstrated unparalleled dedication, fostering a collaborative environment that allowed our operations to thrive. I can confidently attest to Vida Verde Limited’s exceptional contribution in shaping and sustaining the success of our agribusiness.

Dev Manager

African Farmers' Association