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Empowering Agricultural Innovation

Agric Technologies

We offer innovative tools and systems to enhance productivity, streamline information management, and optimize machinery operations:

We develop farmer profiling systems in the form of user-friendly mobile applications. These apps enable farmers to create and maintain comprehensive profiles that capture essential information such as land size, crop types, farming practices, and historical production data. By leveraging these apps, farmers can effectively monitor and track their farming activities, access personalized recommendations, and make data-driven decisions to improve their agricultural practices. nutrient levels, pH balance, organic matter content, and other relevant parameters. Based on the results, we generate detailed reports that assist farmers in making informed decisions about their crop management practices, including fertilizer application, irrigation, and soil amendments.

We provide Information Management Systems tailored for various stakeholders in the agricultural value chain, including farmers, associations, aggregators, and extension officers. These systems facilitate the monitoring and tracking of key performance indicators and enable efficient record-keeping and analysis. Specifically, our systems offer the following functionalities:

  • Small scale and commercial farmers production and business performance records: Our Information Management Systems allow farmers to record and track their production activities and business performance. Farmers can input data on inputs used, yields obtained, expenses incurred, sales made, and other relevant parameters. This data is then organized and analyzed, providing farmers with insights into their production efficiency, profitability, and areas for improvement.
  • Enterprise efficiency analysis: Our systems also enable enterprise efficiency analysis, helping farmers, associations, and aggregators assess their overall performance. By aggregating data from multiple farmers and enterprises, our systems generate comprehensive reports and metrics that highlight strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for optimization. This analysis can assist in resource allocation, supply chain management, and decision-making processes.

We offer machinery tracking and management systems to optimize the use of agricultural equipment. These systems utilize GPS technology and sensor-based monitoring to track the location, utilization, and maintenance needs of machinery. By providing real-time data on machinery operations, fuel consumption, and performance, our systems help farmers and organizations ensure efficient machinery deployment, preventive maintenance, and timely repairs, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

At Vida Verde

Our comprehensive suite of services

Our services empower farmers, associations, aggregators, and extension officers with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize agricultural productivity.

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Current Conventional Projects - 14
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Irrigation Systems Installed

It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) since the inception of our farming business. VVL assisted us with the land use plans, including detailed drone surveys, soil sampling, analysis, and key skills human resources placement support. VVL remained a key partner with us for inputs and value chain linkages in the field of Agribusiness.

Dr. Sanjay Tripathi

Soul Agri Business Company Limited

It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) team in the design of our farming activities in Uganda. They did our land use plan from inception, hiring of staff and assistance in the cropping programs, pest and disease management and production to marketing of cotton, maize and soya beans. We started from zero to 5,000 acres with VVL and were weaned when our systems and operations were stable.

Farai – Ops Manager

Rigil Agrotech

Throughout our journey, VVL demonstrated unparalleled dedication, fostering a collaborative environment that allowed our operations to thrive. I can confidently attest to Vida Verde Limited’s exceptional contribution in shaping and sustaining the success of our agribusiness.

Dev Manager

African Farmers' Association