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Empowering Agricultural Innovation

Financing and Funding Services

We specialize in providing financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of the agricultural sector. We offer a range of services to support farmers, agribusinesses, and other stakeholders in securing the necessary funds for their operations.

  1. Agriculture Financing and Funding Services act as intermediaries, linking agricultural stakeholders with financial institutions and lenders. We have established partnerships and networks with banks, credit unions, government agencies, and other financial entities that offer specialized agriculture financing options. Our services facilitate access to loans, lines of credit, and other financial products that can be used for various purposes such as farm expansion, purchasing equipment, working capital, or implementing sustainable farming practices.

Our options include trade financing for agricultural commodities, export-import financing, and agricultural commodity hedging solutions. Trade finance services provide farmers and agribusinesses with the necessary financial support to engage in domestic and international trade, manage price fluctuations, and ensure smooth transactions across the agricultural supply chain.

  1. Several funding options available for short term bridging, medium to long term)
    • Equity and debt financing
    • Hire purchase asset funding.
    • Partnership linkages and mergers.
  2. Due Diligence examples
    • Mairye Estate (Horticulture roses, herbs and fruit for exports)
    • Chisumbanje Estate (sugarcane for sugar & ethanol for fuel blending)
    • Agri Eknor (Hibiscus production and exports)
    • Psaltry (Cassava Ethanol and sorbitol production)
  3. Business plan development and farm greenfield development
    • Marwa Properties (cashew nuts & sisal production & processing on 6k ha)
    • Avobeck Uganda limited (avocado production and processing) on 100 acres.
    • Mandela Group Uganda (grains and horticulture development) on 600 acres.
    • Soul Agribusiness (grains business on 6k ha)
    • Rigil Agritech (cotton and grains on 15h acres)
  4. Business rescue
    • Omer Farming Uganda (2018)
    • Mairyre Estates Uganda (2023)
At Vida Verde

Our services play a crucial role

We help bridge the gap between financial institutions and the agricultural sector, enabling farmers and agribusinesses to secure funding for growth, manage cash flow, and navigate the complexities of agricultural trade. Our services play a crucial role in supporting the financial sustainability and expansion of the agricultural industry.

Horticulture Projects
Risk Management Clients
Strategic Partners
Irrigation Systems Installed

It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) since the inception of our farming business. VVL assisted us with the land use plans, including detailed drone surveys, soil sampling, analysis, and key skills human resources placement support. VVL remained a key partner with us for inputs and value chain linkages in the field of Agribusiness.

Dr. Sanjay Tripathi

Soul Agri Business Company Limited

It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) team in the design of our farming activities in Uganda. They did our land use plan from inception, hiring of staff and assistance in the cropping programs, pest and disease management and production to marketing of cotton, maize and soya beans. We started from zero to 5,000 acres with VVL and were weaned when our systems and operations were stable.

Farai – Ops Manager

Rigil Agrotech

Throughout our journey, VVL demonstrated unparalleled dedication, fostering a collaborative environment that allowed our operations to thrive. I can confidently attest to Vida Verde Limited’s exceptional contribution in shaping and sustaining the success of our agribusiness.

Dev Manager

African Farmers' Association