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Safeguarding Agricultural Ventures

Land use planning

We focus on optimizing land utilization and maximizing agricultural productivity. We offer a range of services and solutions that assist farmers and landowners in making informed decisions about land management.

  1. We offer drone services to gather accurate and up-to-date data about agricultural land. Drones equipped with specialized sensors and cameras capture aerial imagery, which can be used for various purposes such as land mapping, crop monitoring, and precision agriculture. The collected data helps farmers and landowners assess the current state of their land, identify potential areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and crop planning.

We prepare land for agricultural use, this involves removing vegetation, rocks, and other obstacles that may hinder farming operations. Land clearing services may include tree removal, brush clearing, and site preparation for infrastructure installation. By offering land clearing services, providers assist farmers in transforming raw land into arable and productive agricultural areas.

We offer machinery hire and leasing services, allowing farmers to access and utilize the necessary agricultural equipment without the need for significant upfront investments. Farmers can rent or lease machinery such as tractors, harvesters, plows, and other equipment required for land preparation, planting, and harvesting. This enables farmers to optimize their land use while reducing capital expenditures and maintenance costs associated with machinery ownership.

At Vida Verde

Our comprehensive suite of services

We provide risk assessments, profiling, and evaluations, business rescue solutions, insurance inspections, evaluations, and loss adjustments, as well as farm management services. Our goal is to assist clients in identifying, managing, and minimizing risks while optimizing their operations for long-term profitability and sustainability.

Horticulture Projects
Risk Management Clients
Strategic Partners
Irrigation Systems Installed

It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) since the inception of our farming business. VVL assisted us with the land use plans, including detailed drone surveys, soil sampling, analysis, and key skills human resources placement support. VVL remained a key partner with us for inputs and value chain linkages in the field of Agribusiness.

Dr. Sanjay Tripathi

Soul Agri Business Company Limited

It was a pleasure working with Vida Verde Limited (VVL) team in the design of our farming activities in Uganda. They did our land use plan from inception, hiring of staff and assistance in the cropping programs, pest and disease management and production to marketing of cotton, maize and soya beans. We started from zero to 5,000 acres with VVL and were weaned when our systems and operations were stable.

Farai – Ops Manager

Rigil Agrotech

Throughout our journey, VVL demonstrated unparalleled dedication, fostering a collaborative environment that allowed our operations to thrive. I can confidently attest to Vida Verde Limited’s exceptional contribution in shaping and sustaining the success of our agribusiness.

Dev Manager

African Farmers' Association